It's 2018. This year I am mainly creating 3D and lightbox work. I have devised a range of A3 work that is featured on this brand new website. 2 categories: Politics and Rock n Roll. All this work uses a floating acetate overlay that highlights the black elements. This creates a 3D effect and works great when backlit with LED lighting. Much of this art is hand worked with gold leaf and or diamond dusted creating a unique item each time.

In May 2018 I was a guest participant in a hugely successful show in St Pancras Church Crypt with two of the coolest guys in the London art game Mason Storm & Simon Skint. They have just launched a new company called Asylym Artist Management & Gallery with some awesome new artists and I am honoured to be one of their associate artists.

I am currently working on a show for the summer with the legendary Pete Makowski and we are planning something off the wall. I will return to the Underdog Gallery in SE1 in September with the Punk, Rock N Roll Art Show in September, this will be my 4th show with them. Rumour has it that Asylum is planning more shows in 2018 and I have a show booked at the stunning 17th century Lauderdale House in Highgate in January 2019.

As usual my current art utilises an array of mixed media materials such as acetate, acrylic sheet, gold leaf and silver leaf and my trademark diamond dusting, these additions are often evident in this work. I hope you enjoy my work and thank you for stopping by. Gx