It's now 2020. Covid-19 year. I am creating no art this year. I am focusing on the release of my music catalogue (all 5 of my solo albums, 2 Sheer Greed band releases and an album I did with my brother in the nineties) the two Girl box sets release, a picture and photo book, new Girl and GL art merchandise. Not to mention I have a day job working SEN 5 days a week.

2019 was The Gerry Laffy Art Collective shows, a collective of 14 artists I established in 2018. We had a 4 week show in Dover at Easter and a month long show in London in the summer and again in the winter. In the collective some of us are professional, some semi pro, some students and some have a learning difficulty. The collective will not identify which is which. We are 14 diverse artists including myself, the others being Tessa Gaynn, Ronan O’Regan, Suzy Smith, Woz, Jonathan Dickson, Caroline Reed, Danielle Vaughan, Scarlet Isherwood, Steve Green, Phil Parkinson and two photographers Conor Carroll and Tosh Marshall and with very special guest Mason Storm, a true art genius who has willingly supported my endeavours.

Autumn 2018 saw my return to the Underdog Gallery in SE1 in September with the Punk, Rock N Roll Art Show, this was my 4th show with them, as usual it was as crazy, wild and successful as ever with more than 400 people at our opening night show.

In May 2018 and July 2019 I was a guest participant in two hugely successful shows in St Pancras Church Crypt with Mason Storm & Simon Skint's Asylum Artist Management & Gallery with some awesome new artists and I am honoured to be one of their associate artists.

Music: 2019 I sold my record label to Cherry Red Records and 2 Girl CD box sets (and downloads) were released in 2020 and so finally my entire catalogue Girl, solo work, Gerry & Simon Laffy and our Sheer Greed albums will finally be released on disc, streamed or available for download. Cherry Red Records are releasing 18 albums (of my 30 releases) in all.

So 2019 and 2020 were a busy balancing act of art, music and merchandise sales aswell as dealing with the dreaded Covid-19 epidemic, not to mention my SEN work which was part at college based, part home teaching. I will continue to do this in September as I love it and I have done for 17 years. The Gerry Laffy Art Collective is on Facebook, so is Sheer Greed (a Girl & GL page) so please come and join us. Thank you for your continued support. Gx