For my latest collection entitled ‘Nurture and Nature’ I have devised a large range of A3 prints in a limited edition of only 10 numbered and signed prints per image. These colour prints are on 170gsm photo paper and have a floating acetate overlay highlighting the black elements. This acetate layer is separated from the print by 6mm to create a 3D effect.

A selection of these prints are hand worked with gold leaf and or diamond dusted creating a unique item each time. No two of these hand worked items are the same and will be in very limited numbers, often one-off. Many of these pieces are designed to be mounted on an A3 lightbox but all of them can be framed as normal.

My art has often utilised an array of mixed media materials such as gold leaf and silver leaf and my trademark diamond dusting, these additions are often evident in this work. Enjoy. Gx

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