Galleries & Venues

  • Asylum Gallery, St Pancras - NW1 London
  • Underdog Gallery - SE1 London
  • Monsters of Art Gallery - NW6 London
  • Atom Gallery - N4 London
  • The Wellington Club - SW1 London
  • Madari Galleries - NW3 London
  • The Artistic Gallery - NW3 London
  • Pop UK - SW6 London
  • The Hollywood Road Gallery - SW10 London
  • LINLEY Belgravia - SW1 London
  • The Hard Rock Cafe Vaults - W1 London
  • Arlev Contemporary Gallery - New York
  • Arlev Contemporary Gallery - Paris
  • Chelsea Art Gallery - SW10 London
  • Gallery on Old Bailey - Hong Kong
  • The Jelly Legg'd Chicken Gallery - Reading
  • The Cat Club - Hollywood, CA
  • The Nehru Centre - W1 London
  • Mayors Parlour - Camden Town Hall
  • The Engine Room - NW1 London
  • Zebra Two Gallery - NW3 London
  • The Gardens Club - NW6 London
  • The Hampstead VIP Bar - NW3 London
  • 65(A)rt New Kings Road - SW6 London
  • The Casbah - S1 Sheffield
  • Zebra One Gallery - NW3 London
  • Quotes

    Liam Howlett - The Prodigy
    "His work has a raw punk rock quality which definitely struck a chord with me."

    John Taylor - Duran Duran
    "If you want to lead a glamorous life, this is the art to hang on your wall."

    Phil Collen - Def Leppard
    "G's art? - if Ziggy Stardust could paint it may well look like this. It's on my walls in LA."

    Slim Jim Phantom - The Stray Cats
    "I own a cool Keith Richard oil, which is rare for him, I really loved a huge red Faberge sequin canvas, but some rock god snapped it up, damn."

    Britt Ekland
    "Stunning Pop Art - he really is a rare talent."

    v Rick Zigmond KMV
    "I only have 4 pieces of art at home, 3 are signed Warhol 'Marilyn' prints the other is a commission of me and my Harley Davidson by Gerry Laffy....enough said."

    Ruth Dupre (Artist)
    Winner of Jack Goldhill Prize at the Royal Academy and the Bombay Sapphire Prize.

    "Gerry Laffy's work is very individual. He works in a variety of media, looking at the extremes of human experience, from humour to decimation, with a political edge."

    Living Magazine
    "G - aka Gerry Laffy English Mixed Media Art, beautifully executed and with a wicked sense of humour. Rock stars love G, so take a journey and see what all the fuss is about."

    Neil Anderson - The Independent
    "His work is snapped up by rock stars, film stars, media types and collectors yes, but forget the pop art '15 minutes' I'm thinking years (or more)."

    Ross Halfin - Photographer
    "Love China Girl, the painting is evocative in a simplistic form, it makes me think and want to go there, to meet her find her, enjoy the colour, I'll marry the Pink Girls as well."

    Nick Morris - Film Director
    "Gerry Laffy's work lights up my cutting room and inspires me to try and think different!"

    Howard Sussman - Costume Supervisor, Dancing With the Stars (USA)
    "I collect work from many International artists...but my Gerry Laffy is among my faves! His imagery and color usage is truly inspiring."

    Phill Harding - The Wellington Club
    "I have 4 pieces of yours hanging. I just had 'breathtaking' as a comment on Stalin."

    Kim Janssen - Camden New Journal
    "G - 'a WHIZZ of a show, artist G is no stranger to fame, and that is reflected in his portraits of modern icons."